Tints and Treatments

Tints and Treatments:

UV Protection - Highly recommended, this treatment will help protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays from the sun. Many new lens materials already include this protection, but it can be added to those that don’t have it.

Scratch-resistant coating - This coating protects your lenses from everyday wear and tear. It hardens the outer surface of the lenses to make them less likely to scratch. Mayo Clinic Optical provides scratch resistant coating on every pair of eyeglasses.

Anti-glare (AR) - This is a coating that helps reduce distracting reflections and glare. The coating helps improve nighttime driving, decrease computer screen glare and reduce eye fatigue. Plus it offers a cosmetic appeal by making it look like you have no lenses in your eyeglasses.

Tints - Tint can be added to lenses to help reduce the light. A very light tint can be added for cosmetic and fashion purposes or to make the lenses super dark to use as sunglasses.

Transition - This is a lens that adjusts to light. It stays clear indoors and changes to a dark color when you go outside. UV protection is provided to guard from harmful sun rays.

Polarized - Polarized lenses provide a filter in sunglass lenses which reduces sun glare reflecting off objects. Polarized lenses available in different colors and materials. These lenses also provide the wearer with UV protection. Polarization eases eye strain and fatigue in bright sunlight.

Mirrored lenses - Mirrored coatings provide a reflective surface that makes the eyes almost invisible to others, while keeping your eyes protected from glare.