Eyeglass Rack

Why not order online?

The highly trained staff at Mayo Clinic Optical takes into account your prescription, face shape and specific needs, which is difficult to do online. The staff will take the appropriate measurements to make sure your eyeglasses fit and work well for your eyes. Mayo Clinic Optical includes a one-year warranty on the frame and lenses at no additional charge.

Wide variety

Mayo Clinic Optical offers a wide variety of frames, including different styles and shapes. The optical stores don't rely on others to decide what frames are offered. All of the frame buying is done on-site and the selection is hand-picked by our experienced staff. Classic to funky styles are offered in the optical stores. There is also a wide variety of plastic frames from standard tortoise to bright and colorful. Metal frames also are available in different styles and made from a variety of materials. The Mayo Clinic Optical Store, depending on the location, carries frame lines from companies such as Tiffany, Ray-Ban, Oakley, Tom Ford and many more. See an optician at your local Mayo Clinic Optical for a frame consultation and to see all the brands offered.

Importance of multiple pairs

Your eyeglasses are broken and you have nothing else to wear. Then what? Having multiple pairs can be very beneficial as your local optician may not be able to repair the broken pair. Having a second pair will provide you with another style and be available if something happens to your eyeglasses. Mayo Clinic Optical offers a multiple pair discount.

One pair of eyeglasses can work for many tasks, but it might not be the best option for all of those tasks. There are many options that you may want to consider. How many hours a day do you work on the computer? There are eyeglasses specially designed for computer use. Does sun glare bother you? You can get polarized sunglasses to help reduce it. Even nonpolarized sunglasses will help protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. What about protecting your eyes while doing your favorite hobby such as sports, shooting or woodworking? Do you have safety eyeglasses? Safety eyeglasses offer a greater amount of protection for your eyes. Remember you only have one set of eyes and Mayo Clinic Optical can help you protect them.