Making it easy

Need to order contact lenses but don't have time to visit Mayo Clinic Optical? No worries! Give Mayo Clinic Optical a call; the staff will take your order and offer you shipping options. Whenever possible, the staff will ship the contact lenses directly from the manufacturer to you for the quickest delivery time.

If your contact lens prescription is from a Mayo Clinic provider, staff members can easily access your prescription from the location you had your eye exam. If you received your prescription elsewhere, they will happily accept it. Just have your prescribing provider fax your prescription to Mayo Clinic Optical, and then you can call Mayo Clinic Optical to finalize your order. Your eye doctor will prescribe the brand of contact lenses that will fit your eyes and needs the best.

Anytime you have questions about your contact lenses, feel free to call. The staff can offer answers regarding care, cleaning products and specialty lenses. Mayo Clinic Optical also offers a number of contact lens care products, which can be mailed directly to your home.

Nonprescription sunglasses

Nonprescription sunglassesDon't forget to protect your eyes from the sun when wearing your contact lenses.

Choose from a wide range of well-known sunglass brands such as Ray-Ban and Oakley. See an optician for details.

Are eyeglasses a better fit?

Contact lenses are a great addition to eyeglasses but should not be worn exclusively. Be sure to always have an updated pair of eyeglasses along with a quality pair of sunglasses.