Helped Expedite

"Hello Ellen,

I just wanted to share with you my immense amount of gratitude for the fantastic service we received from the lab. I believe is was Anna (???) and Deneen who helped expedite an order...

The patient ordered a Hi 167 (no AR or frills) with a Charmant frame on 4/23. Yesterday, 4/30, we had not received anything and the patient was in a desperate need of her glasses, as she had none and injured her eye and count not wear contacts...she has not worked for two weeks because of the injury and no back up glasses (naughty on her part)...she was extremely depressed and had completely broke down...

Anyways, I called the lab and spoke with the girls, and keep in mind that this was at 2:00 pm, to see if we could get lenses cut and out the door for us to have by today 5/1...

They succeeded!! I know how busy everyone is at the lab with the sales and increase in work...but everyone was efficient in getting these out to us so fast. Needless to say, the patient is beyond ecstatic and we have made the last two miserable weeks of her life better!

So, thank you to your staff!! Please share with them how grateful this patient its...

Mayo Clinic Optical Lab, Rochester, MN


"I wanted to take a minute to say that I have received the best ever customer service from Hope and think she is a ROCKSTAR.

My favorite pair of sunglasses that I purchased from the Optical Dept. broke so I brought them over to see what could be done, if anything, to fix them. She called me to let me know that they could not be fixed however then went above and beyond by saying if I could find them on line that the lenses could just be popped into a new frame. She provided the item # from past records and followed up with me several times as to the status.

In the end it did not work out like we hoped but Hope all reassured me she is there for me in the future and I wanted to let you know she made a sad (I really loved these glasses) experience so much better for me.

She has such a sweet demeanor and her professionalism is a great asset to Mayo Clinic.

Thank you again, Hope!

Mayo ClinicOptical, Mayo Building, Rochester, Minnesota 

"Next best things"

"Ms. Herber,

I'm writing to share the excellent experience my son and I had under the care of Tara Arndt on Friday, November 24th.

My son has had the same frames for his glasses since 2009, and he really wanted to reorder the same style.

Unfortunately, as he feared, the frames are no longer available.

Tara kindly explained the situation and directed us to the "next best things" on display. While N*** and I were discussing the merits of each style available, Tara approached us and shared that she'd found nearly the exact same original frames online. She'd been sarching on  our behalf the whole time! My son was very happy with the frames she found. Tara then went on to straighten his current bent frames, and tidied them up so they look great. We left the Clinic talking about the superior service we'd received. I offered to send this note on Tara's behalf, and my son said please do!

We feel Tara went above and beyond the call of duty to find very similar frames. Just as imprtantly, her kind, gentle demeanor really started our Black Friday off on the right foot! We tried to go forward and spread the caring attitude she demonstrated. We hope her efforts are noticed by her leadership: we certainly noticed!"

Mayo Clinic Optical Northeast, Rochester, Minnesota


"I went to the Optical section this AM as you suggested and was seen by Jackie Moe. She was so helpful and after checking my glasses she said that the glasses were right according to the RX but after doing some more minor tests and adjustments she felt I should have a recheck exam which she arranged. I then saw Joan Overend who did the exam and changed my Rx a bit. I went back and waited for Jackie as she was at lunch. She took care of the new prescription and said they would call when the glasses were ready. I wish everyone at the Clinic was as nice and helpful as she was I give her an A+.

I also want to thank you again for helping me out. I really appreciate it. Have a good rest of the week."

Mayo Clinic Optical, Mayo Building, Rochester, Minnesota

Wonderful employee


I wanted to talk to you about Laura Beard from the Optical Shop. I cannot begin to tell you how helpful she has been over the years. She is the reason I use our Optical Shop. She is extremely knowledgeable, efficient, professional and will not to hesitate to go above and beyond. My brother was visiting from AZ recently. He broke his glasses late one Fri afternoon and had no spare glasses. I took them to Laura and she repaired and cleaned them in minutes. I'm not sure what I would have done otherwise. My brother was so impressed he decided to become a  Mayo patient in Scottsdale, something I have been trying to get him to do for years!

Just wanted to tell you how proud I am to be associated with such a great institution and how happy I am we have such a wonderful employee like Laura working here"

Mayo Clinic Optical Jacksonville, Florida

"The patient comes first"


I wanted to make you aware of Jim's excellent service that he provided for a patient last night. It was past closing time at the optical, but when I contacted him he reopened up the shop (unlocked the door and turned back on the computers) and took care of the patient by getting his new glasses ordered. I know the patient was appreciative and I also felt that the Mayo mantra "the patient comes first" was very apparent in the good deed.

More often then not we hear more critical reviews than good ones (by far). Unfortunately, a lot of the time we can be a very critical society. I would agree that critical reviews often allow for personal reflection and ultimately turn into positive outcomes; however good reviews can provide an improvement in self-esteem and should not be forgotten. It is a pleasure to work with Jim and all the others that have his attitude toward patient care. As a provider, we could not do what we do without the help of colleagues like Jim."

Mayo Clinic Optical Scottsdale, Arizona

"Above and beyond"

"Good morning Nita-

Patient, ********, stopped by the PAL office to deliver a compliment about one of your staff members: Tanya Mucha.

Dr. ****** stated tht Tanya went "above and beyond" to help research and secure special glasses that she is currently requiring. This extra effort truly made a positive impression on Dr. *****, and she is extremely appreciative to have Tanya working as part of her care team."

Mayo Clinic Optical Scottsdale, Arizona

Progressive glasses

"I went to the optical shop to order some contact lens recently prescribed. Theresa Gsell assisted me and placed my order. She asked how I liked my progressive contacts lens and I told her I was adjusting. We talked about progressive glasses and I told her that I had a bad experience a couple of years ago and could not adjust. She asked how long ago and told me the new lenses were much better and suggested I give them a try. She even offered for me to wear my distance contacts in one day and try her progressive glasses. Truly, I just went to order the contacts and she went above and beyond in providing me with information and options, even to the extent of offering for me to try her progressive glasses. When I returned to pick up the contacts, she reiterated the offer."

Mayo Clinic Optical Jacksonville, Florida

Simply the best

"Good morning,

I just wanted to share with you something about one of your employees. Cindy Biorn.

She is simply the best. She always helps me find glasses. What I like, what she likes and in-between. She goes out of her way to always help me with whatever I need. She helped me this morning again. I usually come and wait to get her just because of her awesomeness. Everyone there is great but she has what it takes to be a top notch Mayo employee. I am sure you hear this about her often but I just had to send a note today because she just never lets me down and makes my day better by just seeing her."

Mayo Clinic Optical, Mayo Building, Rochester, Minnesota


"*****(5 Stars)

My experience today with Sarah and Tim was AMAZING!

Sarah was efficient and moved me through my eye exam flawlessly. My eyes tend to flicker a lot & are sensitive-she put the drops in so well!

Tim was EXCELLENT during the purchase process of my glasses. He made it efficient with already submitting for my reimbursement account.

Thank for the excellence @ Mayo Clinic."

Mayo Clinic Optical Northeast, Rochester, Minnesota

Stellar service

"I have purchased my last three pairs of glasses from the Mayo Optical shop-all with assistance from Theresa Gsell. Theresa is very patient and always works hard to make sure I end up with frames that I love and (more importantly) look good on me. Theresa does a great job- so great that I now can't decide on frames without her. I'm confident I'm not the only one who is a fan. Thanks Theresa."

Mayo Clinic Optical Jacksonville, Florida

Team effort

"Dear Dr. Ko and Dr. Echols,

I wanted to share a quick story/update on a patient Dr. Kawulok, our newest member of the Ophthalmology team, saw. Patient was referred by Dr. Echols for an eye exam however unfortunately patient was admitted to the hospital before he was scheduled to be seen.

Dr. Kawulok did a visual exam on the patient in the hospital and then sent me a note last Saturday that we wanted to fit him with a pair of glasses. We worked with our lab colleagues in Rochester and between Saturday and Tuesday had a pair of glasses for the patient ready for pickup. More detail, but a nice collaboration between our providers and retail-lab team."

Mayo Clinic Optical Scottsdale, Arizona


"Hi Nita,

I thought the Optical shop trunk show last Thursday was a very nice event. Besides the attractive discount, I enjoyed being able to have an even larger choice of frames from the vendors on-site.

I particularly want to give a shoutout to Jim Jaicks who helped me in my eyewear selection including his professionalism, experience, and patience during the process. He gave me his undivided attention and time although the optical shop was very busy-a wonderful reflection on the optical shop.

I hope this might become an annual event."

Mayo Clinic Optical Scottsdale, Arizona

How pleased I was with the care

"I wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the care I received from your employee. Kathy Kerssen recently verified the accuracy of my prescription and adjusted my glasses. I was having difficulty with clarity of the reading part of my bifocals. She compared the new glasses to my old ones and somehow altered the angle of the lens on my face and cleared up my field of vision.

It was late on a Friday afternoon but she worked with me until I was satisfied.

Thank you Kathy"

Mayo Clinic Optical, Mayo Building, Rochester, Minnesota

Outstanding, professional, pleasant and brilliant!

"Optical Dept. Mayo 7 "Flo Bearden" is outstanding professional, pleasant, and brilliant! Please commend her for outstanding service and listening to the patient. Thank her for being her!

I had a pair of large sunglasses made at a competitor (unfortunately) who told me "your eyes will adjust" "you will get used to it" Your doctor Dr. McGuire gave you an incorrect eye exam in your right eye" After two weeks I knew positively that the competition was wrong and Mayo - Flo made it all perfect in a few delightful moments. Flo made the "competitions" glasses perfect. Lesson learned, and I purchased my clear vision glasses from Mayo and Flo. Again, thank you for being "Mayo Clinic" - The Best!!!"

Mayo Clinic Optical, Mayo Building Rochester, MN

How much it means to me


Just a quick note. I am a clinic employee and had my eyes checked a few weeks ago. Amy Nelson was very helpful in picking out glasses. I can't tell you how much this means to me. She was very patient and helped me pick out some very cute frames. When I came in to pick them up, Tessa helped me. She also did a great job. I am sure you already know you have some great employees, but I just wanted to thank them again for everything they do."

Mayo Clinic Optical Northeast, Rochester, Minnesota