Mayo Clinic Optical fits children of all ages. The optical stores carry a variety of sizes from several brands, including Ray-Ban, Miraflex, Menizzi, Lafont and many others. Check with your local Mayo Clinic Optical store to see what is carried at the location nearest you. When Mayo Clinic Optical hand-picks the frames, the staff looks for durability, spring hinges and fun styles. If your child likes the frames, he or she may be more likely to wear the eyeglasses.

Here are some things to consider when ordering your child's eyeglasses. Mayo Clinic Optical uses polycarbonate or Trivex lenses for their impact resistance and UV protection. All lenses include a scratch-resistant coating. Transition lenses are another item to consider when ordering. These lenses change color when you go outdoors to help protect your child's eyes from the bright sunlight. With the increasing use of computers and electronic devices, an anti-glare coating to help reduce glare is also recommended.

The eyeglasses come with a one-year warranty for normal wear and tear at no additional cost. When your child picks up his or her eyeglasses, the optician will fit the glasses to your child. Your child will receive a cleaning cloth, cleaner and a case. The optician will also teach your child proper care of the eyeglasses.

Children's EyewearDo children need more than one pair?

Do your children play sports or have hobbies that require more protection for their eyes? Mayo Clinic Optical offers sports glasses. It's important to protect your child's eyes from any type of contact that may occur. Sports bands hold the eyeglasses in place while playing, but don't protect the eyes if a ball or object hits the eyeglasses. Sports glasses are designed to protect the wearer and withstand impact. Come in to see the fun colors that are available.

Another item to think about is a second pair of eyeglasses. What would happen if your children's eyeglasses broke at child care or school? What would they wear in the meantime while the eyeglasses were getting fixed? Children can be hard on their eyeglasses. Having multiple pairs gives them backup pairs and also options to change their looks.

Children's frames are available at most Mayo Clinic Optical locations. Please call your local optical store to check availability of children's frames or if you have any questions.